Charleston Strong


I have never before experienced A Time In Life when I was more proud to be a South Carolinian and yet feel such overwhelming sadness also. The range of emotions created by the horrible event that took the lives of nine Christians last week in a Charleston, SC church covers the full spectrum.

I’m saddened because one man was so full of evil that he chose to go into a church and visit for an hour before killing nine people who had welcomed him to join them. It makes me want to ask the question, “Why would God allow this to happen in His house?” However, I know that is the wrong question. I also know the reasons for this tragedy may never be fully understood, but through my faith, I realize the event will serve a greater purpose.

I’m proud how the families of the victims have responded with such amazing grace as a testament of their true faith and belief in God. They have forgiven an accused murderer of their family members and have asked him to repent for his sins. They want him to find the Lord so he may have everlasting life through the grace of God. In their time of great sorrow, they have shined a bright light on South Carolina and our nation. The character and faith of these Christians should serve as beacon for all to follow.

I am proud how South Carolinians have joined together in peaceful events in Charleston and throughout our great state. The blue and white images have become icons across all social media platforms to show a united outpouring of love. This love has now spread around the world.

I pray for the victims to rest in peace in God’s house of many mansions, and for their families to find comfort and understanding as they continue to spread His word through their thoughts, words, and deeds. I pray that our nation will stand united by this tragedy and God continues to bless America. Amen.

Tom Tatum

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3 responses to “Charleston Strong

  1. Betty Rowland

    What a well-written article. It’s amazing how what Satan means for evil God turns for good. Bless you, Tom.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautifully said, Tommy! God Bless these families, Charleston and all of South Carolina!


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