Are You On The Right Path?


I attended the funeral of a dear friend two weeks ago. Obviously, my emotional state was a bit fragile as I sat looking at the coffin at the front of the church. I thought about all the good times we shared over the years—the many rounds of golf, tournaments won, watching South Carolina football games, dinners with the wives, and on and on. Each thought reminded me of another—each lifted my spirits.


What I didn’t expect that day was the preacher asking a simple question.

“When your day comes and it is you in the coffin at the front of the church, what do you think your friends will say about you?”

The preacher went on to sing my friend’s praises, but his question hit like a rock to my head—much like David did to Goliath. Yikes!!! What would my friends say about me???

Since that day, I have thought about the preacher’s question many times. The results of my reflections have made me realize my friends may not have much to say about me. Yes, they could say the typical things like: Tom was a nice guy; Tom was friendly; Tom was fun to be around; you could always count on Tom; Tom was always good for a laugh or two, etc.

All of the above are nice, but unfortunately, they are just shallow comments. They could be said about most people. My problem is, I couldn’t think of any substantive things they could say about me. Thus, alarm bells started buzzing and red flags waved in my head. The more I ponder the preacher’s simple question, the more unanswered questions I have.

Have I lived my life making no worthy contributions to the world? Have I just been consuming oxygen and giving nothing of value to others? What was God’s purpose for my life? What are/were His plans for me? Have I already accomplished what He planned for me to do? Am I on the right path? Do I have more to do?

The lack of answers to such questions is what concerns me most. I’m in the twilight of my life and don’t really know what God wants/wanted me to do. It’s not a very comfortable position that I find myself.

I thought I had found God’s purpose for me three years ago. That’s when I started on a journey I thought He had called me to do, which was to write faith-based stories and spread His word to help others. My vision seemed clear, and I felt He was guiding me each step of the way. However, recent events have caused me to think I have not been on the path He wanted me to travel.

Could I have misinterpreted what I thought God called me to do? I pray about it daily asking for His help, but my prayers seem to go unanswered. I go through each day knocking on new doors, but they won’t open; my path grows slowly darker as doubt creeps into my mind. I must find God’s true purpose for my life, yet I know He provides for us in His own time—not ours. I know I need to continue knocking until my vision becomes clear once again, but my resolve grows weaker as time marches on.

I share these thoughts with you not to seek sympathy or confirmation, but to have you think about your own situation in life. With that in mind, please think about the following questions as they relate to you:

  • When your day comes and you are in the coffin at the front of the church, what do you think your friends will say about you?
  • Do you know what God is calling you to do?
  • Are you doing what God called you to do?
  • Are you on the right path?
  • Are you using the talents He gave you in a way that would please Him?
  • Do you need to make changes in your life?
  • Are you trying to make changes?

I hope your answers to these questions make you smile because you are traveling on the right path—His path. If so, you are truly blessed. If not, welcome to my little corner of the world—let’s help each other find the light.

God’s blessings to you!

Tom Tatum – Author

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4 responses to “ARE YOU ON THE RIGHT PATH?

  1. Dear Tom,
    I’ve recently read your post on being on the right path,…I’m so sorry for the loss of your dear friend. I’m rather late in reading your posts & granting condolences after my own loss of my dear departed pet (Chihuahua) Sophie. I received your condolences through goggles+, “THANK YOU!” That was VERY kind of you to take time out of your busy life & consider my feelings. I’m still grieving her loss. She was like my own child bit but I know the Lord has His reasons & I’ve resigned to accepting that.
    I’m sure your post can relate to many of us regardless if we have a sense of fulfillment in our lives or not. You see, just like winning isn’t everything, but in the way the game was played. Perhaps the pursuit of happiness is in the eye of the beholder and it’s rewards are found in one man’s trash that became another man’s treasure!
    I tell you dear friend, my (+) & (-) premonitions come to me in my dreams. I see the Lord’s abundant love in your favor, patience.
    Your amazing work speaks for itself! Keep up the great work. Your work can change people’s lives! Be like Solomon, chosen to be given the tools to help others make their lives better. You have a gift Tom, you are an exceptional author, you tell it like it is & beautifully written!
    I have no idea how your book sales are but they should be flying off the shelves! I absolutely loved them all! I will pray for the success in your literature for the honor & Glory of the Lord.
    And I may not be, “on the right path”, but not far from it as long as the Lord is my saviour and only He can determine my path & I resign to His will. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Vicki. They mean a lot to me and lift my spirits in ways you cannot imagine. I hope your premonitions are correct. Book sales are a bit sluggish at present. Like all self-published authors, I have to do my own marketing, so I depend on readers helping me get the word out to others about my books. If you would consider taking a few minutes to do an honest book review for both of my books on Amazon and Goodreads, I would greatly appreciate it. Have a great day, and God bless you and yours.


  2. Jennifer Lara

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend. I, too, recently lost a loved one. My uncle died after a long battle with Alzheimer’s. As I sat in church during his service, I found myself asking myself the same question, “What would they say about me?” I shrive everyday to be sure that people at my service will remember me fondly.

    I am always asking myself and God if I am doing what He has led me to do. And every time I find myself doubting or changing plans, I receive praise and encouragement from unlikely sources. I feel it reaffirms that I am doing as He wishes. For instance, I was rethinking my blog, wondering if anyone really reads it. Then after talking with my cousin-in-law, he told me out of the blue that he enjoys my writing and loves what I write about. Then an author I reviewed over a year ago, found my review and gushed over it. It felt good and as if God was telling me “You’re on the right track, keep going.”

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    • Thank you, Jennifer. Sorry to hear of your loss as well. Interesting that the same question came to us at a funeral. I’m sure the encouragement and praise you receive when doubt creeps in are His answers to your prayers. Hi timing is always perfect. Your “wondering who is reading your blog” is a normal reaction. I know the feeling very well. I can certainly relate to the fair and honest reviews you do, and I share the other author’s sentiments. I feel the same way about the reviews you did for my books. God is telling you “You’re on the right track, keep going.” I just told another friend to please let me know when they are feeling a little down and in need of a spark to keep going—the same goes for you. Sharing the load and helping others is what it’s all about. Thank you so much for following and commenting on my blog. Please stop by and visit anytime. Hope the rest of the weekend is a great for you!


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