1000 Year Storm – #SCStrong

#SCSTRONG #2015Flood

The beauty of nature is normally breathtaking, but when Mother Nature unleashes her awesome power in a storm, the results are devastating. Never have I seen such destruction caused by water alone, and it is not over. Flood waters from upstate will raise the already-high levels of waterways in the low country causing additional flooding for the remainder of the week.

May God bless the thousands who have lost property and priceless possessions, but more importantly, may He hold those who perished in the palm of His hand and give comfort to their families and friends. Bless all those who are helping other during this crisis and in the days to come. Amen!

Please lift up all the people of South Carolina in your prayers. We are #SCSTRONG—we are proud—with God’s help, we will rebuild!


Please click the “Back Button” on your browser after viewing the following YouTube video of some of the damage the 1000 Year Storm caused in South Carolina over the weekend, so you can share your comments and prayers.

The scenes are heartbreaking to say the least, but they only represent a small portion of the full damage experienced.


May God bless you for caring!

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One response to “1000 Year Storm – #SCStrong

  1. My prayers are with everyone that has been touched by this.

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