We all have a life story to tell, and each story is different—unique, because it’s yours. Stories of things done and not done. Stories of joy, hope, and sadness—each chapter is full of life and begs to be told.

God bless you as you continue living your story.


Tom Tatum – Author – 2016

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  1. Vicki Rdgz-Chvz

    Dear Tom,
    Thank You for your inspirational post that speaks of unique life stories. I believe it’s through these stories, fiction or non that we learn from, escape into other dimensions and travel to places we’ve never been to or experience difficult situations as we read on. That’s always been the magic of reading for me.
    You’re post motivated me to reflect on & share the recent life altering decision my adult siblings & I have had to make in the sale of the home our deceased parents built to retire in. Sadly, after careful review of all we each contribute to maintain the property w/o revenue or profits from rents we’ve decided after all it’s material property meant to be put to use.
    My husband and I had made a considerable offer on the home in order to keep it in the family. Unfortunately, our offer wasn’t up to par. I know my parents would have preferred my siblings and I kept up with their homes and we had so far. But their south Texas Valley home is up for grabs now & I only wish my husband and I could of been able to afford it in honor of my parents & the legacy of their hard work as migrant field workers whom were blessed greatly blessed with the Lord’s abundant love. It’s through His love that I see why things sometimes aren’t meant to be & I’m ok with that. I know my parents are also. : )


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