Tom'sTiger 5.18.16

When I wrote my first novel, IF TIGERS WERE ANGELS: With God, All Things Are Possible, the story broached the thought that little creatures like Tiger Swallowtails (Tigers) could be angels God sends to deliver messages to unsuspecting individuals.

Think it’s impossible? Well it’s not. In fact, after I had my personal encounter with a Tiger while writing the manuscript, I added the subtitle, With God, All Things Are Possible. I described my actual experience at the end of the story because the encounter was so surreal.

I have had many encounters with Tigers since the one I described in the book. Some have been inspiring and others simply brightened my day, but each encounter was very special.

The beautiful Tiger displayed in this post appeared in my backyard on May 18, 2016. It had no messages, but it posed long enough for me to take some nice photos. The beauty of God’s little creations is awesome!

May all of your TIGERS be ANGELS.

Tom Tatum – Author – 2016

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3 responses to “WHEN ANGELS APPEAR

  1. No apologies necessary, Vicki. I appreciate each time you visit one of my posts. I am honored to know some of my posts have helped you through some difficult times in life. The whole purpose of my writing is to inspire, motivate, and share faith with those who take time to notice the special little things that come their way, and then feel blessed when they do.

    Each of us has a story to tell and I hope you find time to write your story of triumphs in the near future. You will be amazed how wonderful you feel when you finish and surprised how much you remembered about the struggles you faced—the struggles that made you who you are today.

    May God’s blessings be upon you each day,

    Tom Tatum


  2. Virginia R. Chavez

    Dear Tom,
    It’s been some time since I’ve kept up with your posts. I apologize. I’m not much into social media other than when I had my Google account that recently closed down. However, your messages/books have always helped me pull through some difficult times that have warped me through the years. Felt compelled to, “Thank you,” for your dedication in continuing to writing.
    While I’ve processed my life’s journey I’ve had furbabies (dogs) to care & love for that more than compensate for the emptiness I often feel. During the daily play time w/my furbabies in my backyard or out for walks I’ve noticed birds,butterflies & rare dragonflies (velvet black) I’ve never seen before flutter around unscathed by our play activity. I felt like Snow White, l.o.l! Yes, I’ve always had that instinct that animals take kindly to me. Your book, If Tigers Were Angels was beautifully inspiring. I was reminded of the beautiful peace I experience with nature during my furbabies play time.
    Looking forward to your nxt book. I would of loved to have had the education to become a writer. An autobiography would of been in the works. My life story is actually worth writing about; a tribute to woman w/life choices who choose family over a career in hopes of raising tomorrow’s leaders through many sacrifices where the end result could be for better or worse. God’s love triumphs over all always ✌
    Be well my friend. I’d love to meet you someday 🌞
    A friend for keeps,
    Virginia “Vicki” Rdgz-Chvz

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  3. Beautiful picture…..


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