Messages From God

God sends people messages in many forms—through things, gestures, miracles, tragedies, and others (friends, family, and strangers). How people receive God’s messages depends on their mindset.

For instance:

  • Some have never heard about God; they are not aware of Him, so they don’t understand the source of the messages.
  • Some say God doesn’t exist; they are aware, but choose to deny God and His messages.
  • Some think they are too busy; they receive the messages, but  do not take the necessary time to listen.
  • Some receive the messages but simply choose to ignore them.
  • Some believe, listen, and understand God’s messages and choose to follow Him, spreading His word to others.

Each person who has heard God’s words has the right to choose whether or not they believe in Him. Unlike many false gods, God, the creator of all things, does not force anyone to believe, listen, or follow Him. It is the responsibility of those who do believe to serve as modern-day disciples by spreading His word to those who deny or are unaware of His love and grace.

Once informed of God, people have a decision to make—follow or ignore Him. Those who try to spread His word must then move on and continue to serve Him by informing others. The mission of Believers is to spread His word to others, not force them to transform. Transformation is between God and the newly informed; they will be dealt with according to His will.


Do you have what it takes to be one of God modern-day disciples? If you do, you will become a fisher of men.

Matthew 4:19 (KJV)

And he saith unto them, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.

Tom Tatum – Author – May 1, 2017

Twitter: @TomTatumAuthor

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6 responses to “Messages From God

  1. Vicki Rdgz-Chvz

    Thank you for sharing God’s gentle reminders/msgs of His love. This rings very vivid & true in my memory from a recent experience/miracle involving my only son’s life. As a young adult he became involved w/the wrong crowd that lead to his addiction. It wasn’t long before my son had run ins w/the law that required him to report to a probation officer. All the while my husband & I were never on the same pg about our son needing private rehab due to financial issues. The last draw came when my son failed to come home for days as was his habit & didn’t report to his probation officer. She made a home visit & I told his probation officer I had no idea where he could be as I had attempted to find him & the local PD could care less about finding an addict 😐 I told his probation officer I suspected he was using & that I’d rather see him behind bars than dead from an over dose. 😔 She hugged me & commended me for my honesty. She said God has a way of hearing our cries for help. Later that morning, my son was involved in a head on collision involving an elderly man. It was through God’s grace that no1 was seriously injured. Devine intervention indeed! Of course, my son was encarcerated. We hired him an attorney that suggested private rehab over state jail = my prayers answered. My son struggles with his addiction daily & now knows he isn’t alone because Jesus died for our sins & we are not perfect we just need to repent & learn to lead by example for His honor & glory 😆👍
    Thanks for all your gr8 post Tom!

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    • Hi Vicki, thank you for sharing your sad, yet uplifting story of faith. I pray your son turns his life around and brings you joy in the future. Wishing you and your son many blessings in the days to come.



    Amen! Very insightful. Peace, Sam

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Betty Rowland

    Tom, this was excellent – a great message well presented. A challenge to answer and to live. Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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