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4 responses to “BLESSING FOR TWO

  1. Vicki Rdgz-Chvz

    Dearest Tom,
    In reviewing some of your past posts that I hadn’t had an opportunity to read & focus on the meaning of the msg, I can across BLESSING FOR TWO 😊 Ty for sharing 👍 This has helped me to better understand something my siblings & I have been going through over the mixed emotions of making the decision to sell our parents modest, dream home they built to grow old together & retire in until the end of their days. After my parents passed on we meant to keep the house so as to have a home to come home to & unite as a family again. It never really happened. Every1 went their own way & rarely see each other due to our own priorities 😔 I meant to buy my parents home off my siblings to salvage the memories. Apparently my reasonable offer ( all I could afford) wasn’t sufficient. They opted to hire a realtor & sell to the highest offer. In the end , it has been willed off to all of us & I’ve no choice but to sign off for my share. I have to see this as a sign from God that perhaps the buyer needed the home more than I did. If my efforts to try to brings my siblings together by buying off my parents home for spouse & I to renovate (it needed repairs) was probably going to be a burden to maintain & all the while siblings continue their lives w/o family connection then perhaps it was meant to be for us to sell & let it go 😢 Painful truth but it’s God’s will. ❤

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    • Sorry you weren’t able to get your parents’ house. I know all too well about families drifting apart—sad, but it happens far too often. Perhaps the buyer did need the house more than you at this time—God’s will and His timing.

      I’m so glad you’re looking at the posts in my archives. I think you would enjoy “Christian Author On Trial”. It’s in 4 parts (separate posts) 1, 2, 3 & 4 and best if you read them in order 1 – 4.

      As always, thank you for stopping by, Vicki.


  2. Betty Rowland

    You are so right! Thanks for sharing.

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