In his attempts to improve the impractical light bulb designs previously developed by others, Thomas Edison was successful in finding several hundred more ways that didn’t work. However, he learned something from each “successful” failure. Edison believed in himself and felt he would eventually find the solution, so he kept trying.

Finally, the day came when a bright light within a tube of glass would change the world—Edison’s dream to make a commercially viable light bulb became a reality.

We should be thankful Edison kept trying—look how far we’ve come since his successful “bright” day.

May we all strive to be like Edison…

Never, Ever Give Up!

I came.

I tried.

I failed.

I tried again—and I failed.

Again, I tried.

I failed again.

I tried a 100 more times.

I failed a 100 more times.

I tried once more.

I finally succeeded!

If you believe in yourself,

Never, Ever Give Up!

Tom Tatum – Author – 2018

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