I paused to look at a statue at the entrance to a ballpark located in South Carolina and thought about the thousands of young boys around the world who bravely stand ON GREEN DIAMONDS  and DARE TO DREAM of what might be…

Cast in bronze for all to see,

a young boy dared to dream.

He stood alone on the mound

but learned he was part of a TEAM.


It’s more than a game—it’s life

being played out on a field.

A field of dreams—ON GREEN DIAMONDS,

where men become boys and boys become men,

all speaking one universal language without

uttering a single word.

Our dreams in life will only become reality if we have the courage and passion to stay the course and never give up!

Tom Tatum – Author – 2019

Amazon author page: http://www.amazon.com/author/tomtatum

Twitter: @TomTatumAuthor

LinkedIn: TomTatum1

Facebook page: Tom Tatum novels

2 responses to “DARE TO DREAM

  1. I agree that many lessons learned through sports help make us successful in our adult life. Never stop dreaming!

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