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There are some moments in life that are special—so special that you feel compelled to share them with others. Such is the case when I recently attended my grandson’s high school baseball game a few nights ago.

During the game, I happened to look behind the bleachers and witnessed this breathtaking view of the sky with ‘Ole Glory’ waving in the foreground.

God’s painted canvas was so majestic that I felt His presence all around me. I was blessed to have had this experience and hope you feel the same way as you look at the photo.

I stood at attention and saluted the moment—made me proud to have served this great country! The words of the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag danced in my mind.

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

May God’s blessings be upon all who read this post.

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Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

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Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? What causes some people see beauty in something while others see it as an eyesore? The photos presented are of two beaches that are separated by less than twenty miles. Beauty or eyesore—what do you think?

My wife and I recently vacationed for a week on Edisto Island in South Carolina, where we were beholders of beauty, and in some ways, the fragility of life. The beaches we visited are known as Edisto Beach and Botany Bay Wildlife Management Area (4,000 acres).


I sensed it was going to be a nice week when I saw the view from the rear deck of the house we rented—a golf course. However, I never even touched my clubs. I did witness many golfers feeding golf balls to the fish with some very poor tee shots—some even did it multiple times. Maybe that’s why I decided not to play.

ATIL DeckView

Our next opportunity to behold the beauty of Edisto Beach came the first day on the beach. The Lord painted a canvas with a glorious sunset. The following four photos depict the transition in the final moments as the sun dropped below the horizon. It was a nice way to end the first day on the beach.










Our trip to Botany Bay was nothing short of AWESOME! The journey began on a dirt road through a canopy of live oak trees that led to a narrow footpath to the beach.



The walk to the beach was a bit long, but the beautiful view of the marshlands was enough to keep us moving forward to our ultimate goal—the beach. The tide was ebbing, so there were hordes of fiddler crabs scurrying about on the mud flats in search of food.

ATIL Marsh1

As we made our way onto the beach, we saw a display of life, death, and destruction intertwined in mystery. The salty waters of the Atlantic Ocean have reclaimed some of the shoreline by sucking the life from trees and plants that once thrived, providing shelter for a variety of creatures. The massive quantity of driftwood was a sight I had never seen before.

It was with a sense of both sadness and awe that I looked to the left and right on the beach to see just how fragile life really is. Yet, at the same time, I wondered what the shore may have looked like many years ago and who might have visited this site when the trees were full of life. One can only imagine.

ATIL Shore1

ATIL Shore2

ATIL Shore3

ATIL Shore4

ATIL Shore7

ATIL Shore8

In addition to the driftwood on the shore, there was evidence of creatures that once lived in the ocean. Thousands and thousands of seashells covered the beach, providing further evidence of life once lived.

ATIL BB Shells

Unfortunately, the only living creatures we saw, excluding a few other nature lovers, were three pelicans gliding gracefully just above the lifeless trees.

ATIL Shore5

As we were leaving the beach, we may have spotted the reason for the lack of life—the Beast of Botany Bay. The Beast (center of photo) comes out each evening to roam the shoreline in search of new prey. Well, not really. The Beast is just my imagination working overtime. The Beast is nothing more than another lifeless tree. If you ever have a chance to visit Botany Bay, see if you can locate the Beast.


EDISTO BEACH and BOTANY BAY—did you behold beauty, an eyesore, or both? Each beholder will answer the question based on their personal perspective, but whether you beheld beauty or an eyesore, a visit to Edisto Beach and Botany Bay is well worth your time and effort.

I leave you with this true Beauty on Botany Bay (my wife) and another beast (that would be me).


ATIL Shore6


ATIL BB Beast2

Now, we’re moving on in search of more beauty in nature. I hope you will do the same. Enjoy every day you have!

Note – I apologize for the poor photo quality, but it was the best I could do with my cell phone.


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A rose for all Mothers on this special day.



There is nothing more beautiful than the tender love a mother gives her children, nor more powerful than her will to protect them from those who would do them harm.

Thank you for the gift of life and for all you do!

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We all have a life story to tell, and each story is different—unique, because it’s yours. Stories of things done and not done. Stories of joy, hope, and sadness—each chapter is full of life and begs to be told.

God bless you as you continue living your story.


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Professor Stevens stood at the front of his classroom, nodding to each student as they entered the room for his 8:00 AM math class. As the last of the two-hundred students sat down, the smart screen on the wall behind the professor started flashing GIVERS AND TAKERS. The students began whispering to each other, wondering why the professor was displaying such a sign in his math class.


A loud voice from the rear of the room bellowed, “Professor Stevens, I think you have the wrong graphic displayed on the smart-screen. This isn’t a sociology class—um, is it?!?”

Inquisitive whispers turned into laughter at question. Professor Stevens smiled and replied, “Danny, I’m happy to hear that you think you know where you are at this early hour. I believe there’s hope for you yet, my boy” as the laughter increased a few dozen decibels.

“No, Danny. This isn’t a sociology class, but I want to share an important experiment with all of you today. If you prefer to use math terminology, think of the graphic as PLUSES AND MINUSES in life. I’ll have questions at the end of the lecture, so listen carefully. Your answers may play a significant role in your final semester grade.”

With that comment, silence suddenly filled the room.

Professor Stevens’ Experiment

“I have recently observed many down-on-their-luck folks sitting on sidewalks displaying signs requesting help from strangers who were walking by. You know—signs such as ‘I’m Hungry! Please Help!’ or ‘Need $ For Food’. The vast majority of the strangers walked past briskly, ignoring the signs and those seeking help. Most of them walked past near or in the street and some even looked away to avoid eye contact with the downtrodden individuals.

“I started thinking about this and decided to conduct a little experiment to see how people would respond to me in a similar situation. I dressed in old-tattered clothes and sat on the sidewalk of a busy street on two sequential Fridays. The weather on both days was the same—nice. I displayed one sign in front of me each day.

“On the first Friday, my sign read, ‘I’m Feeling Down! Please Help!’


I was asking complete strangers to help me. Although I didn’t say what kind of help I needed, the vast majority of folks looked away, choosing to ignore me. They responded similar to what I described to you earlier. After sitting quietly for four hours, I had collected a whopping $1.36 in my little tin cup. The money came from three individuals who were dressed just like me. They had very little to offer materially, but they gave what they could with a smile, and even offered a few kind words of support to me. The nicely dressed individuals who passed by had much to offer me materially, but they elected to give me nothing—not even a kind word or a simple smile.

“The sign I used on the second Friday was, ‘Shake My Hand – I’ll Give You $10’.


I was offering something to strangers for a simple gesture, a handshake, and the outcome was completely different this time. Folks were drawn to the sign and me. By the end of the first hour, I had given away $360. Thirty-six people, all dressed in nice attire, stood in line waiting to shake my hand for a $10 bill. Some were likely among those who ignored me the week before. One of the gentleman who contributed $0.53 to me the first Friday stopped by again. He shook my hand, but I couldn’t get him to accept my ten-dollar gift. He wished me well and then walked away. By the end of the second hour, an additional seventy-five people had paused to shake my hand. I ran out of $10 bills at that point and left. By the way, those who received a $10 bill did not thank me, nor did they offer a smile.”

As Professor Stevens ended his lesson, the smart screen displayed, “GIVERS AND TAKERS – WHICH DESCRIBES YOU?


“Okay, Danny, since you so bravely challenged whether this was a math class, here’s a math problem for you. How many people received $10 from me?


Professor Stevens’ simple experiment offers many points for discussion—some are obvious and others, not so much. Sorta makes you think about where we are today as a society, doesn’t it?

Are you a TAKER? Well, we all are at times, but we don’t have to be that way in all cases. Consider being a GIVER sometimes. It’s easy to do. Share a smile, speak kindly to someone, or simply do something nice for others—such things don’t cost you and you just might brighten someone’s day.

If you are a GIVER in any way, thank you. You are a blessing to others and just aced Professor Stevens’ math class. Congratulations!

Please share your thoughts on any points about Givers/Takers that interest you.

Bless you and have a nice day!

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1000 Year Storm – #SCStrong

#SCSTRONG #2015Flood

The beauty of nature is normally breathtaking, but when Mother Nature unleashes her awesome power in a storm, the results are devastating. Never have I seen such destruction caused by water alone, and it is not over. Flood waters from upstate will raise the already-high levels of waterways in the low country causing additional flooding for the remainder of the week.

May God bless the thousands who have lost property and priceless possessions, but more importantly, may He hold those who perished in the palm of His hand and give comfort to their families and friends. Bless all those who are helping other during this crisis and in the days to come. Amen!

Please lift up all the people of South Carolina in your prayers. We are #SCSTRONG—we are proud—with God’s help, we will rebuild!


Please click the “Back Button” on your browser after viewing the following YouTube video of some of the damage the 1000 Year Storm caused in South Carolina over the weekend, so you can share your comments and prayers.

The scenes are heartbreaking to say the least, but they only represent a small portion of the full damage experienced.

May God bless you for caring!

Tom Tatum – Author – 2015

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