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Freedom is not free and many have paid the ultimate price securing and defending a nation. May we never forget their sacrifices to support a cause far greater than themselves—a nation. Let the Stars and Stripes continue to wave in their honor.

May they rest in peace and dwell in God’s house of many mansions.

Memorial Day 2018

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This is Chip Shotmaster of GOLF TV reporting to you from the headquarters of the TUSGA, one of golf’s new governing associations. TUSGA President, Slice Hook, no relation to Captain Hook, just made an announcement about two significant changes to the rules of golf that will turn the golfing world upside down—literally. These changes are to go into effect immediately.

Both changes were unanimous decisions by the TUSGA board of directors after having received numerous complaints about the antiquated scoring method used to determine winners in golf.

The now defunct method created too much emotional stress for the players in today’s “participation trophy” society. These changes will create more opportunities for lesser skilled players to receive first-place trophies.

In addition to scoring changes, golf’s callous, politically incorrect term used to define player capabilities is unacceptable. The policy of ranking player’s abilities based on their average scores is cruel and demeaning. The concept known here to date as “handicap” is no longer applicable.

The two rules are as stated below:

Mr. Hook added, “The TUSGA board members noticed a substantial increase in the number of birdies, eagles, and albatrosses being shot by players around the world and felt it was their duty to protect all fowl. By making the highest score in golf the winner as is done in all other sports, we believe fewer players will have the desire to shoot these fine-feathered creatures of the sky. It’s a win-win situation for the fowl and the less talented players around the world. We will be putting pressure on the PGA, R&A, USGA, and LPGA organizations to implement similar changes to the rules of golf.”

Chip Shotmaster: “Mr. Hook, many people may not be aware of your organization. Can you tell our viewers what the acronym, TUSGA, means?

Slice Hook: “Sure Chip. TUSGA is the Total Unlimited Scoring Golf Association. It’s an organization devoted to bolstering the efforts of less talented golfers and protecting wildlife at the same time. These two recent changes will also lower the cost per stroke for all golfers and make the game more affordable for all who love the game.”

“Mr. Hook, won’t these changes also increase the time required to play eighteen holes of golf?”

Slice Hook: “That’s one of the wonderful side effects these changes will have on the game, Chip. They allow players to consume most of a day to play one round. We expect many players might start pushing to make golf a nine-hole event—at least that’s what the TUSGA is considering in the future.”

Chip Shotmaster: “Thank you, Mr. Hook. Folks, that’s the golfing news of today. The TSUGA is definitely turning the golfing world upside down. Now, back to the studio with Kitty Woods for more details on how these changes will impact the 2018 Masters.”

Kitty Woods: “Thank you for that report, Chip. Now, for more on the Masters…”

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There was a time in life when I really enjoyed playing golf. I would play every chance I got. You can imagine how excited I was when I learned my next duty station in the Air Force was to be in Australia—Woomera, South Australia to be exact, and there was a golf course nearby. Yay!

My first chance to play golf in beautiful, and I do mean beautiful in many ways, Australia finally arrived. I was excited and ready to play, but had no idea what to expect. In hindsight, my lack of knowledge about the course was probably a good thing.

When I arrived at the course, I thought it strange that I was the only person on the premises. Sure, it was 125 degrees F that day, but that’s common in the outback of Australia. Even stranger was the sign in front of what appeared to be the golf shack. The sign had an arrow pointing in the direction of the 10th tee and read, “Enjoy your golf, Mate! BEWARE of the dingoes.” Hmmm! I was more interested in birdies, not wild dogs.

The photos below show the overall layout of the golf course and a closer view of a few holes near the golf shack.

As I walked to the tee box, the view resembled what I would expect a Martian landscape to look like. It had the appearance of a place forgotten by time. There was not one blade of grass visible anywhere. All I saw was dirt, dirt, and more dirt, with sporadic clumps of small-brown Spinifex bushes or something similar. I started to return to my car and leave, but decided I had to experience this strange patch of land down under.

Here’s a photo of the 10th tee and the others looked much the same. Sort of takes your breath away doesn’t it. Yeah, right!

Then there was the fairway, also barren of grass. It was like playing an entire round of golf from a giant sand trap.

The “browns” (aka greens) were the same as the fairways with one exception—the dirt had an “oily” substance applied to it. Look closely at the photos and you can see the flag stick marking the location of the hole. The other vertical rod is a tool with a pipe welded on the end at 90 degrees. The tool was for smoothing the surface of the dirt between the ball and the hole. You have to remove the footprints of kangaroos, dingoes,  humans, and tractors. It was certainly a challenging experience putting the ball.


We won’t talk about how many rounds of golf I played while stationed in Woomera. I’ll keep that a mystery for another day. Let’s just say I’m glad I had the opportunity to play a course like no other. I promise you that I have not seen another golf course as strange as the one located in Woomera, South Australia.

Okay, I bet you can’t wait to have a chance to play on this fabulous track of dirt in Woomera! If so, let me know when you are going and maybe I’ll join you—maybe!


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There are some moments in life that are special—so special that you feel compelled to share them with others. Such is the case when I recently attended my grandson’s high school baseball game a few nights ago.

During the game, I happened to look behind the bleachers and witnessed this breathtaking view of the sky with ‘Ole Glory’ waving in the foreground.

God’s painted canvas was so majestic that I felt His presence all around me. I was blessed to have had this experience and hope you feel the same way as you look at the photo.

I stood at attention and saluted the moment—made me proud to have served this great country! The words of the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag danced in my mind.

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

May God’s blessings be upon all who read this post.

Tom Tatum – Author – 2018

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Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

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Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? What causes some people see beauty in something while others see it as an eyesore? The photos presented are of two beaches that are separated by less than twenty miles. Beauty or eyesore—what do you think?

My wife and I recently vacationed for a week on Edisto Island in South Carolina, where we were beholders of beauty, and in some ways, the fragility of life. The beaches we visited are known as Edisto Beach and Botany Bay Wildlife Management Area (4,000 acres).


I sensed it was going to be a nice week when I saw the view from the rear deck of the house we rented—a golf course. However, I never even touched my clubs. I did witness many golfers feeding golf balls to the fish with some very poor tee shots—some even did it multiple times. Maybe that’s why I decided not to play.

ATIL DeckView

Our next opportunity to behold the beauty of Edisto Beach came the first day on the beach. The Lord painted a canvas with a glorious sunset. The following four photos depict the transition in the final moments as the sun dropped below the horizon. It was a nice way to end the first day on the beach.










Our trip to Botany Bay was nothing short of AWESOME! The journey began on a dirt road through a canopy of live oak trees that led to a narrow footpath to the beach.



The walk to the beach was a bit long, but the beautiful view of the marshlands was enough to keep us moving forward to our ultimate goal—the beach. The tide was ebbing, so there were hordes of fiddler crabs scurrying about on the mud flats in search of food.

ATIL Marsh1

As we made our way onto the beach, we saw a display of life, death, and destruction intertwined in mystery. The salty waters of the Atlantic Ocean have reclaimed some of the shoreline by sucking the life from trees and plants that once thrived, providing shelter for a variety of creatures. The massive quantity of driftwood was a sight I had never seen before.

It was with a sense of both sadness and awe that I looked to the left and right on the beach to see just how fragile life really is. Yet, at the same time, I wondered what the shore may have looked like many years ago and who might have visited this site when the trees were full of life. One can only imagine.

ATIL Shore1

ATIL Shore2

ATIL Shore3

ATIL Shore4

ATIL Shore7

ATIL Shore8

In addition to the driftwood on the shore, there was evidence of creatures that once lived in the ocean. Thousands and thousands of seashells covered the beach, providing further evidence of life once lived.

ATIL BB Shells

Unfortunately, the only living creatures we saw, excluding a few other nature lovers, were three pelicans gliding gracefully just above the lifeless trees.

ATIL Shore5

As we were leaving the beach, we may have spotted the reason for the lack of life—the Beast of Botany Bay. The Beast (center of photo) comes out each evening to roam the shoreline in search of new prey. Well, not really. The Beast is just my imagination working overtime. The Beast is nothing more than another lifeless tree. If you ever have a chance to visit Botany Bay, see if you can locate the Beast.


EDISTO BEACH and BOTANY BAY—did you behold beauty, an eyesore, or both? Each beholder will answer the question based on their personal perspective, but whether you beheld beauty or an eyesore, a visit to Edisto Beach and Botany Bay is well worth your time and effort.

I leave you with this true Beauty on Botany Bay (my wife) and another beast (that would be me).


ATIL Shore6


ATIL BB Beast2

Now, we’re moving on in search of more beauty in nature. I hope you will do the same. Enjoy every day you have!

Note – I apologize for the poor photo quality, but it was the best I could do with my cell phone.


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A rose for all Mothers on this special day.



There is nothing more beautiful than the tender love a mother gives her children, nor more powerful than her will to protect them from those who would do them harm.

Thank you for the gift of life and for all you do!

Tom Tatum – Author -2016

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