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Tom Tatum – Author – 2016

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Writers – Authors – Readers


As an engineer in my past life, I did what engineers do—made a “symbolic” graph to convey what an author faces when writing a novel. Albeit crude in appearance, the graphic presents the “hill” of a novel’s journey.

There are five general categories involved: 1) story idea, 2) writing the manuscript, 3) publishing the book, 4) marketing the book, and 5) engaging readers. Each category is a topic unto itself and deserves a more detailed discussion than can be provided here.

Writers and readers obviously view a novel’s journey from two different perspectives. Per the graphic, writers look up the steep hill they must climb and readers peer down, anxiously awaiting for the next boulder to arrive. Writers want readers to read and readers want writers to write. When the two get together, there is a meeting of the minds. The writer exposes his/her soul to the world and the reader has an unfiltered view of it all. In a perfect world, a sense of satisfaction would ensue and both would be happy campers as the sheer joy of the moment engulfed them. Well, maybe not exactly that much euphoria, but at least there would be two people wearing smiles for different reasons.

When the idea “light bulb” for a story begins to glow, a writer wants to develop the thought in hopes of turning it into a brilliant manuscript and an engaging novel. That’s wonderful! Wish nothing but the very best for every author who takes the plunge, or better yet, the journey up the hill. However, before you begin pecking away on the keyboard, you should know a few things about what’s ahead of you. The journey from idea-to-novel is not as easy as you may think.

If you are a veteran author, you have been there before. You have the scars of a battle-tested writer and know what to expect. Carry on, but consider helping the soon-to-be author when they ask questions. Your experiences could help a fellow warrior-of-words with the boulder they are about to push up the hill.

A soon-to-be author would be wise to do lots of research in advance to help prepare for what is to come before turning that glowing idea into his/her first manuscript. A good way to do this is to join some author/reader groups and ask “seasoned” authors/readers questions about their experiences. Then listen carefully to what they tell you. Many veteran authors are more than willing to offer advice that could help you tremendously. Those who aren’t, well, to put it nicely, they have probably simply forgotten they were once a soon-to-be author seeking advice. Taking time to ask questions will definitely be well worth your effort, even if some of the “veteran-minds” snub you. Just have thick skin and a short memory when asking the questions. Those veterans who do help will allow you to survey the landscape/terrain along the path ahead of you. As the graph indicates, it’s not a smooth, flat road to travel. In fact, it becomes steeper and more difficult the closer you get to putting your book in the hands of readers.

The path gets steeper at each category, which makes your boulder harder to push as you continue the journey. Each milestone becomes increasingly more difficult, but not impossible because you should already know what to expect. You listened to the insights of some friendly veterans who armed you with valuable knowledge about the process. Take things one-step at a time, stay focused on your objective, and don’t let surprises overwhelm you—there will be many. You’re not the first person to experience the frustrations of the journey, nor will you be the last. Just think; you will soon be an author who can help other soon-to-be authors push their boulders up the hill. At that point, you can smile because you know the hurdles they will be experiencing.

Okay readers, now it’s your turn. You like to read. You like to read good stories in different genres. You spend several hours with a novel and you’re done. It’s finished. You either enjoyed the read or didn’t, but regardless, you’re ready to move on to the next novel. Before you do, think about the arduous journey experienced by the author to get the novel into your hands.

The author labored for hundreds-plus hours creating the content/format that you read in just a few hours. As you can see, the author’s journey from idea to placing the novel in your hands isn’t easy. As a reader, you hold an author’s fate in your hands—literally and figuratively. You want to read more, but the author must want to write more to enable you to do that. It’s a two-way relationship.

You, as a reader, can help authors by writing an “honest” customer review for each book you read. It’s not hard and doesn’t take long to accomplish. Let authors and other readers know your thoughts about the plot, characters, structure, and the story. If you didn’t like it, say why in a constructive manner. Authors can learn things from your reviews and become better writers. If you liked it, say that as well. It will encourage authors to write more, which gives readers more and better novels to read. That should bring smiles to all. Right?

Hope this information helps authors and readers understand the journey of a novel a bit better. Authors keep writing and improving your skills. Readers keep reading and giving those important reader reviews. Working together will help make all novels even better.

If you’re reading this sentence, I thank you for your valuable time. Enjoy the rest of your day. Go write or read another book.

Tom Tatum – Author

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Tom Tatum – Author – 2015

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Christian Author On Trial Part 2

News Report – 2 of 4

Suggestion: Before reading Part 2, I suggest you read Part 1 for background information about the trial. The scenario presented is fictitious, but is it possible something similar could actually happen? It’s a question worth pondering even though NO human possesses the wisdom to know the answer…




This is Mike Jones of ATILBnews reporting live from outside the courthouse in Washington with my second report on the NAG vs Christian Author trial. The prosecutor presented his closing arguments today to a crowded courtroom. I’ll provide comments prior to sharing each of the recorded segments of his arguments.

The prosecutor appeared confident and in somewhat of a celebratory mood as he approached the jury saying, “I am confident eight of you on this jury support the things I have said. You want to remove God from America just as much as I do. My task was to convince four others to see things as I do. I am confident I have made great progress because I think you are too intelligent to fall for Mr. Tatum’s cleverly constructed propaganda about the existence of God. You were once a Believer, but now you are questioning God’s existence. This trial has helped you see things differently.

I don’t want you to be fooled by the humble demeanor Mr. Tatum presented to you during the course of this trial. He is a cunning storyteller of pure fiction who leads readers astray with tall tales that are filled with deception and hidden messages. By Tatum’s own admission, he wanted to open new doors of enlightenment for readers—and he certainly did that! Unfortunately, those doors lead foolish readers to a fictitious entity called God.

“Let me remind you what Tatum’s book does. It exposes readers to a young, impressionable boy, who supposedly had strange encounters with mindless bugs, which the boy called Tigers. Tatum would even have you believe this boy received divine messages from God through these bugs—messages that only the boy could understand. Tatum further wrote that a fifty-year-old neighbor witnessed the boy’s unusual reactions to these critters. He tells the reader the old man was living with regrets for having ignored his family in favor of his career. What’s the big deal with that? Isn’t that what family breadwinners are supposed to do—work hard! A successful career naturally leaves little time to spend with family. Breadwinners have things to do that are far more important than dealing with trivial family matters.

Tatum actually made this poor guy feel guilty about his life—made him think he had to seek redemption for his past. Tatum had this old man travel on a journey he should never have had to experience. Based on the details I’ve exposed throughout this trial about Tatum and his story, I’m sure you know his book is nothing more than a pile Christian propaganda. You know things like work and career are far more important than family or the little things in life—that’s how it’s supposed to be. Again, who cares about such things? I certainly don’t! There was no God around to help me become a great prosecutor. I did it all myself, and I certainly never talked to mindless bugs about it.”

The prosecutor then pounded on the railing separating him from the jury and asked, “Is it possible for Tigers and make-believe angels to have this ‘special’ relationship that Tatum’s book suggests? The subtitle, With God, All Things Are Possible, clearly indicates it is. However, we know it is impossible because we also know that God doesn’t exist. He never has! How could something that doesn’t exist ever make all things possible? It takes a weak-minded individual to believe such nonsense. I’m sure the twelve of you are not that gullible.

The prosecutor extended both arms to represent a cross, shrugged his shoulders in a doubting gesture, and asked the jury, “If Tatum’s so-called God exists, why doesn’t He come into this courtroom right now and prove to us that He does? Why doesn’t He come save one of His foolish followers? Hey, God! I invite you to come into this courtroom right now and save Mr. Tatum—I’m still waiting for Your grand entrance, sir. Now would be a good time for You to come join us. Maybe this so-called God Tatum speaks so highly of is too afraid to come face me today. Maybe we should have Tatum fall to his knees and beg for this God to come save him.

The prosecutor mockingly fell to his knees at this point and the courtroom erupted in laughter, but the judge quickly restored order by angrily banging his gavel. He warned, “If I hear another sound from any of you, I’ll have you arrested for contempt.”

While sarcastically looking around in the courtroom with a sly smirk on his face, the prosecutor said, “Do any of you see this God thing anywhere in this courtroom? Anybody? Please point to Him if you do—no, you don’t see Him! And do you know why you don’t see Him? Because God doesn’t exist—He never has, and He never will!

Your Honor, I don’t think Tatum’s fictitious God is going to appear today. His absence just confirms what we already knew—God is just a fictitious entity created by weak-minded individuals to make them feel good during tough times in life. Believers pray to this fantasy God as though He can hear them. It’s the same as a child talking to an imaginary friend. They simply don’t exist, and therefore, cannot listen!

“Your Honor, I am asking this court to order the immediate destruction of all existing copies of Tatum’s book, prevent printing of future copies, and sentence him to spend the rest of his life in solitary confinement. Let’s silence this dangerous man and send a message to all Believers—GOD DOES NOT EXIST! The time for CHANGE is now!

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, this is your chance to help NAG remove God from America by returning a guilty verdict. I trust you will do the right thing—all NAG followers on earth are counting on you to do your sworn duty. Think how great America will be when the word ‘God’ no longer exists, and all Believers are forbidden to speak His name. It’s a day I have long dreamed would come, so let’s continue bringing our long awaited CHANGE to America by finding Mr. Tatum guilty! Your Honor, the prosecution rests.”

The judge adjourned the trial for the day and advised the defense attorney to prepare his closing arguments for presentation after the upcoming holiday. We do not yet know exactly when the defense attorney will present his arguments, but I will provide full details in my third report on the NAG vs CHRISTIAN AUTHOR trial.

This has been Mike Jones of #ATILBnews reporting to keep you informed.

Tom Tatum – 2015

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Christian Author On Trial Part 1

News Report 1 of 4 – Background Info

America is travelling on a slippery slope these days. Hate and lack of tolerance are the new norms. Political correctness has become an excuse to gripe about things that mean diddly-squat, the three branches of government have trampled on the constitution, leaving no checks-and-balances for ALL the people, and radicals of any kind move about freely wreaking havoc at will.

We all have an opinion on these topics. Some voice their views openly while others sit tight and watch the action. However, all of these things are just the tip of “something” larger—something that is about to happen—possibly sooner than we may think! It doesn’t matter which side of the aisle you’re on or what your religious preference is—you may have none. Regardless of your position, you do need to be aware of the choking odor that is floating on the winds of time.

In that regard, I wrote a series of four news reports (1 to 4) about a court trial for a Christian author charged with writing books about God. The titles will be Christian Author On Trial Part _. I used myself as the scapegoat author because I have recently published two faith-based books. Though the four reports are currently fictitious, they could become real news headlines if we continue on our present course and do nothing to stop America’s slide.

Think a trial like this can’t possibly happen in America? Think again before you go waltzing around in the den as though everything is hunky-dory. Read all the reports in the proper sequence before you answer the question. They may make you start viewing the situation differently. If nothing else, you can go waltzing around possessing a new awareness.

Each report will appear a day or so apart. Again, I urge you to read them in the order presented (1 to 4) for full effect. A fifth report may follow if deemed necessary. The following is the first of the four reports.



The Trial Continues

This is Mike Jones of ATILBnews reporting to you live from outside the courthouse in Washington on the precedent setting trial the media has dubbed, NAG vs Christian Author.

In continuing efforts to remove God from America, a group calling themselves nonBelievers Against God (NAG) received support from the Justice Department and charged Christian author Tom Tatum on two counts.

Count One: Writing books supporting the existence of God

Count Two: Conspiracy to keep God in America

Throughout this precedent-setting trial, the prosecutor, supposedly representing millions of NAG members, has battled toe-to-toe with one man who has not been afraid to stand up and defend his faith in God. The prosecutor has relentlessly attacked Tatum’s character and his book from every possible angle. By aggressively supporting NAG, the government has openly declared war on all Christians and Believers.

Under conditions of anonymity, a high-level official from the Justice Department stated, “The first amendment rights granted by the U. S. Constitution do not apply to Christians or their religious propaganda teachings.” He further stated, “America is not a nation of a fictitious entity called God, and we will fight all weak-minded individuals who believe it is. We are tired of hearing the words God, Christians, and Believers, and mainstream media fully supports our efforts to remove these words from America. We have the resolve to be victorious in the war to remove God from America—forever! Just look around—we are winning and Christians are clueless. They remain silent and are doing nothing to stop us. This case is just the tip of a giant iceberg. We are taking this war to every corner of America, and we will not stop until God is completely removed.”

Things got a bit disorderly in the courtroom on several occasions today. The judge had to clear the room due to outbursts from NAG leaders cheering during the prosecutor’s attacks on Tatum. Some of the NAG supporters started shoving people who were in the courtroom supporting Tatum. The judge charged a dozen of the prosecutor’s supporters with contempt when they refused to heed his warnings to keep quiet. Officers had to place them in handcuffs and remove them from the courtroom. Two of those arrested were field reporters from other media outlets. I guess it’s an indication how biased the mainstream media has become. It appears journalism is now a platform used by many to voice their personal opinions and agendas rather than simply reporting the facts.

Gretchen, the judge even considered moving the trial to another location or completely closing the proceedings to the media. Fortunately, that will not likely happen. Both sides will present their closing arguments soon, but cameras won’t be allowed inside the courtroom. I’ll record those court sessions and share details with our viewers in several follow-up reports.

Folks, that’s the latest news we have for you at the moment. I’ll have more details on the NAG vs Christian Author trial throughout the week. #ATILBnews reports to keep you informed.

Tom Tatum – 2015

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