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What do you see in your mind’s eye when you pray or talk to yourself during difficult or good times in your life? I bet you see something, even if it’s total darkness—you still see something, but likely do it without thinking about what you see.

I know it’s a crazy question? In reality, it’s an appropriate question for everyone, regardless of their spiritual preferences or lack thereof. Whether you pray and believe in a power greater than yourself, don’t pray because you believe you possess superior intellect over all things, or fall somewhere between the two is a choice you have the right to make. Whatever your situation, you probably do talk to or pray to “something” when facing difficult situations in your life—it’s called thinking. I’m not trying to change or challenge your beliefs at all. I simply want you to consider all possibilities…

It’s probably a question you have never been asked or even considered before now. You’re not alone because most people haven’t. In fact, I may be one of few people on earth asking the question.

Okay, so exactly why am I asking such a question? Well, it’s simple—I enjoy thinking outside-the-box. Obviously, there is no right or wrong answer, so don’t be concerned. There will not be a pass-fail test given at the end of this post. I just want you to think about the question based on your personal situation, so please keep reading. It will only take a few minutes, and I promise it will not harm or judge you in any way.

What do you see…,” is a question I ask when I speak to groups. I get some interesting facial expressions and responses cover a broad spectrum ranging from total darkness to detailed images. All answers are interesting, but one that does give me pause is, “I don’t waste time praying to a fictitious character.” I acknowledge the response, but I never push my personal beliefs on anyone. I simply inform, observe, and recognize that everyone has the right to choose how they cope with life. However, that particular response is a suitable topic for a whole different discussion.

Let’s get back to the point of this post. When the shock of my question wears off, the initial responses are typically, “I’ve never thought about it before,” or “I don’t see anything.” When folks think about it for a moment, the answers tend to become a bit more descriptive. To be fair, it is somewhat of an unusual question and not likely to come up in general conversations with friends. Therefore, I invite you to think about the question in private for a few moments. You may be surprised by what you actually do/don’t see or you may start visualizing something in the future. Either way, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

When I started thinking about the storyline for my first novel, I did a lot of soul searching. When I asked myself the question, I realized I was actually seeing the same thing each time I prayed. It was an image from long ago when I started attending church as a young boy. Although buried deep in my subconscious, the image of a stained-glass window formed a lasting impression on me. This image allows me to feel as though I’m having a private conversation with a friend—albeit a very special and most powerful friend.

So, what exactly do I see when I pray? Well, first I visualize the stained glass window from my youth—an image of Jesus. As I continue praying, I usually see the faces of those for whom I’m praying and revert back to the stained-glass image as I finish my prayer. The image itself is surreal for me and puts my mind at ease. It works very well for me.

Stain Glass Jesus Picture 2x2

Whether you see an image or total darkness as you pray or talk to “whomever,” the important thing is that you do it. You may not receive the things or results you ask for, or even understand the answers. You may even feel as though your prayers are going unanswered, but I believe God hears all our prayers. He will respond in His time, and in His way. He knows what is best for us, so we must be patient.

For those who do not believe in God, He still “hears” your thoughts. I wish you the best in whatever way you cope with life’s difficulties. As I said in the beginning, I will never brow-beat you to do as I do, but I will still pray that you come to know Him someday.

By the way, I see that same stained-glass image when I give thanks everyday for the many blessings I have received.

Philippians 4:6-7 (NIV)

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Tom Tatum – Author – 2017

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Your life is rolling merrily along and everything is wonderful. Then, without any warning, your calm little world becomes a turbulent storm. It’s 11 PM and you receive a phone call from a friend or family member begging you to come help her. The “love of her life” has brutally beaten, choked, and threatened to kill her. You’re forty-five minutes away from her location…

This is a dream—right? Unfortunately, it’s not. It’s the beginning of a long nightmare!

You later learn this is not the first time this man has abused her. She shows you a photo of her face from a previous beating. You are now fully aware of the “evil” called Domestic Violence. Regardless of your level of spiritual acceptance, your thoughts will likely drift between shock and vengeful rage about the event and the abuser. Your calm little world will never be the same.

The simple three-letter acronym for this type of brutality is CDV, which stands for CRIMINAL DOMESTC VIOLENCE. CDV is on the rise nationally and South Carolina has for years ranked in the top ten in the nation for this type of violence—including number of deaths caused by CDV. This is a very serious matter with more details provided below.

There are no good reasons for a man to strike, beat, or otherwise abuse a defenseless woman. So, why do they? Some abusers may have witnessed CDV as a child, which is sad, but whatever the root cause may be, one does not have to be a psychiatrist to realize the short answer is because abusers lack self-control. They are self-indulgent cowards who enjoy exerting control over a weaker individual and will likely get away with it—many times. Sadly, the legal system actually provides more protection and support for abusers than it does for many victims.

I was not the abuser nor will I ever be one, but I had the unfortunate opportunity to observe the aftermath of CDV and the pro-abuser-legal proceedings that follow such evil acts of violence. Since the subject of CDV doesn’t normally come up during the course of polite conversations with friends or family, I want to share some information about CDV. I encourage you to take a few moments to read the entire article because CDV could affect someone you know—maybe even you. It can happen when you least expect it.

Although it comes in many forms, CDV is most often associated with a man willfully and brutally attacking their defenseless wife or lover. They strike without warning and show no remorse afterward. Repeat abusers are actually proud of themselves, even delighted about the control they exert over a much weaker individual. Many abusers make their victims feel guilty about the incidents by convincing them it’s their own fault—the victim believes they deserved the abuse.

The harsh reality of CDV is that it occurs in all socio-economic levels; it spares NO ONE! Victims often hide the abuse from the eyes of the public because they are too afraid or ashamed. They may even go to great lengths to conceal their injuries from friends and family members by using makeup and wearing sunglasses to hide the telltale signs of physical abuse.


The graphic depicts a man hitting a woman and a child standing nearby witnessing the brutal attack. It portrays the physical and emotional pain suffered by the victims and the emotional stress it causes children who happen to witness such acts of cruelty. Imagine what a child learns from seeing dad hit mom—many times. Thankfully, children don’t normally experience physical pain from CDV, but what it does to them emotionally is a different story. Physical and emotional abuse of children is a completely different topic and worthy of a separate article.

Actual photos of a victim are too graphic to display. The sight of a severely bruised or bloody face would make you cringe as you imagine what the victim endured—the sound of clinched fists repeatedly smacking against soft cheeks would resonate in your mind like war drums beating loudly on a quiet, otherwise peaceful night. Imagine the mental and physical scars created for victims who experience such unwarranted-evil violence.


Now that I have your attention, it’s time to make your blood pressure rise a bit more. The South Carolina Attorney General’s website reported that domestic violence has become a crisis in the Palmetto State. More than 36,000 victims annually report a domestic violence incident to law enforcement agencies around the state of SC (that averages more than four per hour for every hour of the year). Over the past thirteen years, the average number of women killed each year by their intimate partner is thirty-three (33). This is just the tip of an evil iceberg, but even one death due to CDV is too many!

Obviously, there is no data available to show how many more of these incidents go unreported due to victims fearing reprisal. The cliché “We don’t know what we don’t know,” means the actual number of domestic abuse incidents is probably beyond comprehension.

It’s unfortunate that abusers often go unpunished by the futile laws of our society. Many victims have already suffered enormous physical/emotional stress and are often too frightened or financially strapped to participate in the criminal trial of their abuser—a trial that could take six or more months to even reach the courts. The victims realize their character will be denigrated during the process by “ruthless” defense maneuvering/tactics/distortions, which sometimes border on coercion (aka blackmail), as there is no other “practical” legal defense for true abusers.

Though they may be legal, these heinous defense tactics begin well before the trial date is even set. The tactics of badgering and “threatening” character assassination of the victim causes additional mental anguish, which often prevents the case from ever going to trial. The lawyer’s plan is to instill enough fear in the victim to help their abusing clients get away with the brutal violence as though it never occurred. No courtroom session means no criminal record exists, which allows abusers to commit more so-called “first-time” abuse incidents—repeatedly.

When the law does not follow through with severe consequences for evil deeds, the evil doers are likely to continue doing evil deeds. Unfortunately, an abuser of a woman is not likely to stop abusing her by his own volition, especially when he knows he can get away scot-free.

In the particular CDV situation I observed, the abuser had previously abused another woman multiple times before abusing the second victim multiple times, yet he still had no criminal record. His record is “clean” due to the legal maneuvering tactics that were used each time. He is a multiple-time-first-time abuser. It’s not if this abuser will abuse again, it’s when will he abuse again, and again. Sadly, his next victim has no way of knowing about his evil deeds until it is too late. A background check would reveal NOTHING!

All of these factors make it easy to understand why so many women remain silent about the abuse. What would you do if you were a victim of CDV—speak out or remain silent? Think about that for a moment.

Sadly, these abusers never dare attack anyone of equal or greater strength—someone who could fight back, for they fear the very pain they so gleefully enjoy inflicting upon their much weaker prey. At best, they are the lowest of low-life cowards who are full of evil.

Should an abuser actually be arrested and convicted of CDV (not likely under current laws), the penalty for the crime pales in comparison to the pain suffered by his victim. The following punishment for convicted abusers may surprise you.

(1) If ever convicted, first-time offenders face a simple MISDEMEANOR (same as shoplifting). The fine is not less than $1,000 or more than $2,500 or imprisoned not more than 30 DAYS. Here’s the kicker; the court MAY SUSPEND ALL OR PART of the sentence if the convicted criminal completes a program designed to treat abusers. That’s a joke in itself and probably helps explain why so many victims are too afraid to appear in court. They have already suffered enough and know the current legal system only serves to protect the abuser and punish the victim.

(2) Second time offenders still only face a MISDEMEANOR, fines not less than $2,500 or more than $5,000 and imprisoned not less than a mandatory minimum of 30 days nor more than one year. The court may suspend the imposition or execution of ALL OR PART of the sentence, except the thirty-day mandatory minimum sentence. This is still a token penalty for someone convicted of brutalizing women at least two times.

(3) Third time or more offenders FINALLY face a FELONY charge. Abusers MUST BE IMPRISONED not less than a mandatory minimum of one year but not more than five years—still not very equitable considering the physical pain and mental pretrial anguish the victims have suffered repeatedly, but the punishment is at least getting a little tougher. It’s about time, but very late in process!

This means a man can beat his wife to near death with his fists two times and if ever actually convicted of CDV twice, could serve as little as just 30 days in jail. Unfortunately, the despicable behavior of these cowards often goes unreported or unpunished by the legal system. Only after the third conviction does the crime even become a FELONY and the abuser may still receive only a meager one year sentence—not exactly what would be called equal punishment befitting the crime against the victims who have suffered a minimum of three times. It’s actually deplorable!

CDV affects more than just the victim. The stress on friends and loved ones from self-imposed restraint not to respond to abusers in an equally violent manner can be frustrating. The dichotomy of “an eye for an eye” versus “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord,” shakes the very foundation at the core of one’s faith. Abuse brings one to question the “turn the other cheek” mentality, especially when the other cheek belongs to someone you love. That is precisely why awareness of abuse can invoke righteous indignation among people of faith. Yet, they know they must remain steadfast in their beliefs and not seek vengeance. The challenge can be extremely difficult at times, especially when the abuser proudly and openly proclaims to be an atheist with no remorse for their evil deeds.

People of faith must find the strength to deal with the hurdle that abuse of women places in the path of their spiritual journeys. They must try to take the high road—try to forgive, both the abuser and the “pathetic, do-anything-for-money” lawyers who willfully and wantonly defend the violent abusers for personal financial gain. It has nothing to do with justice or even an abuser’s rights to a fair trial. Solace must come from the depth of one’s faith, knowing a much higher power will make final judgment on all of us.

People can help mend the cracks in the foundations of their faith that CDV causes by supporting the many abused women who are dealing with these brutal cowards by doing the following:

  • Pray for the pain inflicted on each of these women to end and for them to find peace and experience true happiness again.
  • Pray for abusers to stop their evil deeds or face full prosecution to establish a criminal record for all to see.
  • Report abuse incidents to law enforcement and organizations that support abused women.
  • Contact lawmakers and demand that they pass stiffer penalties for CDV and then ENFORCE them—treat victims as victims and abusers as criminals!
  • Consider supporting nonprofit organizations that provide care, comfort, and support for the many victims of CDV.

I hope you will help spread the word about this despicable crime labeled CDV by sharing this article and demanding congressional leaders pass stiffer penalties for all abusers—including punishment for the actual “first-time” offenders. Legal maneuvering around weak laws to mask the violence that lurks beneath the seemingly peaceful demeanor of an abuser must end. First time offenders must be limited to one time only—“flag ‘em and tag ‘em” so the public is aware that they are abusers.


Tom Tatum – Author

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Amazon author page: http://www.amazon.com/author/tomtatum

Twitter: @TomTatumAuthor  LinkedIn: TomTatum1

Facebook page: Tom Tatum novels

Christian Author On Trial Part 3

News Report – 3 of 4


Suggestion: Before reading Part 3, please read Parts 1 & 2 for background information. The scenario presented is fictitious, but is it possible something similar could actually happen in the near future?



This is Mike Jones of ATILBnews here in Washington with my third report on the nonBelievers Against God (NAG) vs Christian Author trial. The defense attorney spent a few minutes today highlighting topics presented by the prosecutor last week in his closing arguments. The defense concluded his closing arguments a few moments ago. I will comment before sharing each recorded segment of the defense attorney’s statements.

While holding up a copy of Tatum’s controversial book, the defense attorney calmly stood and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, what you have heard from the prosecutor during this entire trial represents the evil that can come only from Satan himself. I’m sure you are now fully aware of the challenges all Christians and Believers of God have to endure. Christians and others who choose to believe in God have faced these challenges for thousands of years. The vicious attacks levied by the prosecutor and the Justice Department are nothing new. These attacks represent new tactics to alter the course of a great nation, which government leaders use to pass and discriminately enforce laws that are to their liking. Yes, Mr. Tatum believes in God— he has openly stated his beliefs on many occasions through his writings and his testimony here in this courtroom. This he does not deny. He is not afraid to speak out and tell others about his love for God and God’s love for all.

“Christians around the world are being persecuted every day. Such persecution comes in many forms, ranging from simple verbal abuse and pure hatred to tragic murders by those who have no tolerance for the beliefs of others—those who say God does not exist. Until recently, these brutal murders of Christians have occurred in nations other than America. Some naïve people go so far as to say that persecution of Christians in America does not even exist. To them, I say please open your eyes—take your blinders off and look around. If you can’t see the persecution, no matter how insignificant it may be, you might be living in a fantasy world or are in denial to protect your views. Still others say they are tired of hearing about God. To them, I say open your ears, heart, and mind for you may not yet understand the messengers or His message—tolerance of others might serve you well.

EmanuelChurch“Allow me to call your attention to the recent murders of nine Christians as they sat studying the Bible in a church in Charleston, SC during the month of June 2015. Members of this church welcomed a young man to worship God with them, which he did for an hour. Unfortunately, the evil young man decided to murder nine of the people he had just met. These murders did not take place on foreign soil—they happened in a quiet American city—on American soil. Unlike those who murder Christians in other lands, this accused murderer now sits in jail waiting to face nine counts of murder. He will have his day in a court, but he will also face a much greater judgment in the future. The nine families of these victims have shown the world what true faith in God means. They have openly expressed their forgiveness of the accused murderer and have even asked him to repent for his sins so that he may have eternal life in God’s house of many mansions. It’s hard for most people to understand how they can forgive the man accused of murdering their family members, but it’s what true Christians do—they understand God’s gift of grace and want to share it. The love exhibited by these families and South Carolina kept Charleston from becoming another Ferguson or Baltimore, where evil and hate were allowed to run rampant. The people of Charleston welcomed the evil hate-baiters to their city, but told them to place their hatred elsewhere or leave the city. The Charleston tragedy became a beacon of light to the world for all to follow.

“There is also a big difference between Mr. Tatum and the nonBelievers in the world. He has never tried to force his beliefs on anyone, nor has he ever attacked those who choose not to believe in God. He simply feels every person should have the opportunity to hear about God, and then choose whether or not they want to believe. It’s a decision every person has the Constitutional right and freedom to make, but no one has the right to viciously attack or silence the beliefs of others. Life is about having tolerance and respect for others and their beliefs. Mr. Tatum does not wish to censor the opinions of nonBelievers or force them to do anything against their will. However, he will still pray quietly for them to find the Lord someday. Again, that’s what Christians do—they have faith and simply want to inform others of God’s grace. They try to make the world a better place for all.

On the other hand, Satan and his supporters chose to attack my client, all Believers, and God in their efforts to force an evil agenda on every American. It’s their way or no way. As I said, there are those in the world who go so far as to kill anyone who does not choose to believe as they do. These murderers raise persecution of Christians and Believers to the highest and most evil level of all. They take pleasure in killing those who do not deny God or succumb to their beliefs. The people of Charleston have already experienced such evil. Is this evil something you want to spread across America by denying the existence of God? Where’s the tolerance in such behavior? These evil murderers have no regard or respect for human life, and proclaim to follow the teachings of their leader. Christians also follow the teachings of their leader, but they don’t kill you for choosing to think differently. In fact, most Christians even offer prayers for those who choose to walk on a different path.

The prosecutor made some extraordinary remarks during the course of this trial. Unfortunately, what he told you is either untrue or twisted to promote an evil agenda. He wants to clear the way for his ways to consume every American before they realize what has happened. He moves about in the shadows of darkness to make you think living his way is better for you. Satan’s favorite pastime is placing temptation in front of each of us every day. He lures us into his trap and wants to eliminate your freedom of choice because he knows the consequences if he doesn’t—Satan fears God!

“My simple question for you today is this—for what reasons do nonBelievers viciously attack God and all who choose to believe in Him? If nonBelievers choose not to believe or want to deny even the possibility that God exists, why do they want to take God out of America, or for that matter—the world? Why do they even care if others choose to believe in God? Per the prosecutor’s own words, he and his army of NAG members say God doesn’t exist!

“What? Does that mean nonBelievers vehemently want to remove something they say does not even exist? I want you to think about the irony of that for a few moments—unless a person has ulterior motives, why wouldn’t they just choose to ignore all talk about or references to God. Christians aren’t twisting arms or forcing anyone to believe. NonBelievers say God is simply a mythical creature created by weak-minded individuals who can’t cope with life without having a symbolic entity they can summon to bring them peace. So, where is the nonBeliever’s tolerance for Believers? No matter how hard you search, it doesn’t appear to exist, and guess what—the Devil wants to keep it that way. That’s why he keeps stirring the pot of hatred and malevolence. Satan will do everything he can to win the war of good versus evil.”

At this point, the defense attorney paused, looked toward the jury, and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to share a short story with you.”

“Not long ago, a Christian and a nonBeliever found themselves stranded in the desert. They had no food or water to sustain them. The only thing they had with them was an empty glass.


On the second day, the Christian raised the empty glass to his lips several times, swallowed, and said, ‘That is so refreshing! You want some?’

The nonBeliever barked, ‘You’re insane! There’s nothing in the glass, fool! No one knows where we are, and we’re going to die a slow, horrible death out here in the middle of nowhere! I can’t believe this is happening to me. I can’t believe I’m going to die in the desert with a fool who thinks there is a God. I don’t deserve this. I’m a rich man!’

“The Christian replied, ‘Oh, ye of little faith. I believe in God, and I know He will provide for all my needs. Drink as I am doing and He will provide for you also. All the money in your bank accounts can’t do that for you this day.’

The nonBeliever laughed and shouted, ‘God does not exist! You are an idiot to think He does! I wish you would die so I wouldn’t have to listen to you talk about your fantasy God.’

“Two more days passed and five times each day, the Christian drank from the glass while the nonBeliever continued to curse and make fun of him.

“Another day passed and both men were rapidly growing weaker. The next day the nonBeliever decided to put the glass to his lips. After swallowing nothing but air, he mumbled, ‘This is so ridiculous,’ but he continued tilting the glass higher and ‘drinking’ more air. The Christian watched him with one eye slightly open, pretending to be asleep. This continued for two more days and both men drank from the empty glass several times each day. The nonBeliever never saw the Christian looking at him, nor did the Christian bother to tell him otherwise.

“After one more day, both men were finally rescued, and fortunately, both men survived their ordeal. When asked how he managed to find the two men when he wasn’t even searching for them, the rescuer replied, ‘I saw sunlight reflecting off something in the desert—as if someone was trying to send a distress signal—you know, like SOS or something. For some strange reason, I felt compelled to see what it was. When I arrived at the scene, I found two men near death. They had obviously been there for many days. It’s a miracle they were still alive. The light I saw was the sun reflecting off a glass the two men had. Other than the clothes they were wearing, the glass was the only thing they had with them.’


“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I am pleased to tell you that both of those men are now Believers—Christians. The words ‘have faith and God will provide for all you needs’ are truly powerful. If you think this story is some wild tale I concocted to entertain you—that is not the case at all. You see—I was that nonBeliever. I was an atheist—but now I believe in God—I’m a Christian. I am now a Believer who Satan seeks to convert back to his evil ways. I guess you can say I finally saw the ‘light’—the light reflecting off of a tiny glass in the middle of the desert changed my life. I was blessed!”

The defense attorney walked over to the jury box, placed both hands on the railing in front of him, and calmly said, “May each you reach down deep within yourselves today and allow God to continue to bless America by returning a verdict that you know in your heart is the right choice. Freedom of religion comes from the first amendment of our Constitution. Don’t circumvent the constitution the way our political and justice department leaders are doing. Don’t let the evil in this courtroom take God out of America. Don’t punish Mr. Tatum and then later say, ‘The Devil made me do it,’ because it will be too late to change your mind. Your Honor, the defense rests, and may God continue to bless America long into the future.”

The judge then instructed the jury and sent them out to deliberate. Stay tuned to #ATILBnews for more details when I present my fourth report on the NAG vs CHRISTIAN AUTHOR trial.

This has been Mike Jones of #ATILBnews reporting to keep you informed.

Tom Tatum – 2015

Twitter: @TomTatumAuthor LinkedIn: TomTatum1

Facebook page: Tom Tatum novels

Author page: http://www.amazon.com/author/tomtatum

ATILBnews: Breaking News Report 3 of 4

Christian Author On Trial Part 2

News Report – 2 of 4

Suggestion: Before reading Part 2, I suggest you read Part 1 for background information about the trial. The scenario presented is fictitious, but is it possible something similar could actually happen? It’s a question worth pondering even though NO human possesses the wisdom to know the answer…




This is Mike Jones of ATILBnews reporting live from outside the courthouse in Washington with my second report on the NAG vs Christian Author trial. The prosecutor presented his closing arguments today to a crowded courtroom. I’ll provide comments prior to sharing each of the recorded segments of his arguments.

The prosecutor appeared confident and in somewhat of a celebratory mood as he approached the jury saying, “I am confident eight of you on this jury support the things I have said. You want to remove God from America just as much as I do. My task was to convince four others to see things as I do. I am confident I have made great progress because I think you are too intelligent to fall for Mr. Tatum’s cleverly constructed propaganda about the existence of God. You were once a Believer, but now you are questioning God’s existence. This trial has helped you see things differently.

I don’t want you to be fooled by the humble demeanor Mr. Tatum presented to you during the course of this trial. He is a cunning storyteller of pure fiction who leads readers astray with tall tales that are filled with deception and hidden messages. By Tatum’s own admission, he wanted to open new doors of enlightenment for readers—and he certainly did that! Unfortunately, those doors lead foolish readers to a fictitious entity called God.

“Let me remind you what Tatum’s book does. It exposes readers to a young, impressionable boy, who supposedly had strange encounters with mindless bugs, which the boy called Tigers. Tatum would even have you believe this boy received divine messages from God through these bugs—messages that only the boy could understand. Tatum further wrote that a fifty-year-old neighbor witnessed the boy’s unusual reactions to these critters. He tells the reader the old man was living with regrets for having ignored his family in favor of his career. What’s the big deal with that? Isn’t that what family breadwinners are supposed to do—work hard! A successful career naturally leaves little time to spend with family. Breadwinners have things to do that are far more important than dealing with trivial family matters.

Tatum actually made this poor guy feel guilty about his life—made him think he had to seek redemption for his past. Tatum had this old man travel on a journey he should never have had to experience. Based on the details I’ve exposed throughout this trial about Tatum and his story, I’m sure you know his book is nothing more than a pile Christian propaganda. You know things like work and career are far more important than family or the little things in life—that’s how it’s supposed to be. Again, who cares about such things? I certainly don’t! There was no God around to help me become a great prosecutor. I did it all myself, and I certainly never talked to mindless bugs about it.”

The prosecutor then pounded on the railing separating him from the jury and asked, “Is it possible for Tigers and make-believe angels to have this ‘special’ relationship that Tatum’s book suggests? The subtitle, With God, All Things Are Possible, clearly indicates it is. However, we know it is impossible because we also know that God doesn’t exist. He never has! How could something that doesn’t exist ever make all things possible? It takes a weak-minded individual to believe such nonsense. I’m sure the twelve of you are not that gullible.

The prosecutor extended both arms to represent a cross, shrugged his shoulders in a doubting gesture, and asked the jury, “If Tatum’s so-called God exists, why doesn’t He come into this courtroom right now and prove to us that He does? Why doesn’t He come save one of His foolish followers? Hey, God! I invite you to come into this courtroom right now and save Mr. Tatum—I’m still waiting for Your grand entrance, sir. Now would be a good time for You to come join us. Maybe this so-called God Tatum speaks so highly of is too afraid to come face me today. Maybe we should have Tatum fall to his knees and beg for this God to come save him.

The prosecutor mockingly fell to his knees at this point and the courtroom erupted in laughter, but the judge quickly restored order by angrily banging his gavel. He warned, “If I hear another sound from any of you, I’ll have you arrested for contempt.”

While sarcastically looking around in the courtroom with a sly smirk on his face, the prosecutor said, “Do any of you see this God thing anywhere in this courtroom? Anybody? Please point to Him if you do—no, you don’t see Him! And do you know why you don’t see Him? Because God doesn’t exist—He never has, and He never will!

Your Honor, I don’t think Tatum’s fictitious God is going to appear today. His absence just confirms what we already knew—God is just a fictitious entity created by weak-minded individuals to make them feel good during tough times in life. Believers pray to this fantasy God as though He can hear them. It’s the same as a child talking to an imaginary friend. They simply don’t exist, and therefore, cannot listen!

“Your Honor, I am asking this court to order the immediate destruction of all existing copies of Tatum’s book, prevent printing of future copies, and sentence him to spend the rest of his life in solitary confinement. Let’s silence this dangerous man and send a message to all Believers—GOD DOES NOT EXIST! The time for CHANGE is now!

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, this is your chance to help NAG remove God from America by returning a guilty verdict. I trust you will do the right thing—all NAG followers on earth are counting on you to do your sworn duty. Think how great America will be when the word ‘God’ no longer exists, and all Believers are forbidden to speak His name. It’s a day I have long dreamed would come, so let’s continue bringing our long awaited CHANGE to America by finding Mr. Tatum guilty! Your Honor, the prosecution rests.”

The judge adjourned the trial for the day and advised the defense attorney to prepare his closing arguments for presentation after the upcoming holiday. We do not yet know exactly when the defense attorney will present his arguments, but I will provide full details in my third report on the NAG vs CHRISTIAN AUTHOR trial.

This has been Mike Jones of #ATILBnews reporting to keep you informed.

Tom Tatum – 2015

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Christian Author On Trial Part 1

News Report 1 of 4 – Background Info

America is travelling on a slippery slope these days. Hate and lack of tolerance are the new norms. Political correctness has become an excuse to gripe about things that mean diddly-squat, the three branches of government have trampled on the constitution, leaving no checks-and-balances for ALL the people, and radicals of any kind move about freely wreaking havoc at will.

We all have an opinion on these topics. Some voice their views openly while others sit tight and watch the action. However, all of these things are just the tip of “something” larger—something that is about to happen—possibly sooner than we may think! It doesn’t matter which side of the aisle you’re on or what your religious preference is—you may have none. Regardless of your position, you do need to be aware of the choking odor that is floating on the winds of time.

In that regard, I wrote a series of four news reports (1 to 4) about a court trial for a Christian author charged with writing books about God. The titles will be Christian Author On Trial Part _. I used myself as the scapegoat author because I have recently published two faith-based books. Though the four reports are currently fictitious, they could become real news headlines if we continue on our present course and do nothing to stop America’s slide.

Think a trial like this can’t possibly happen in America? Think again before you go waltzing around in the den as though everything is hunky-dory. Read all the reports in the proper sequence before you answer the question. They may make you start viewing the situation differently. If nothing else, you can go waltzing around possessing a new awareness.

Each report will appear a day or so apart. Again, I urge you to read them in the order presented (1 to 4) for full effect. A fifth report may follow if deemed necessary. The following is the first of the four reports.



The Trial Continues

This is Mike Jones of ATILBnews reporting to you live from outside the courthouse in Washington on the precedent setting trial the media has dubbed, NAG vs Christian Author.

In continuing efforts to remove God from America, a group calling themselves nonBelievers Against God (NAG) received support from the Justice Department and charged Christian author Tom Tatum on two counts.

Count One: Writing books supporting the existence of God

Count Two: Conspiracy to keep God in America

Throughout this precedent-setting trial, the prosecutor, supposedly representing millions of NAG members, has battled toe-to-toe with one man who has not been afraid to stand up and defend his faith in God. The prosecutor has relentlessly attacked Tatum’s character and his book from every possible angle. By aggressively supporting NAG, the government has openly declared war on all Christians and Believers.

Under conditions of anonymity, a high-level official from the Justice Department stated, “The first amendment rights granted by the U. S. Constitution do not apply to Christians or their religious propaganda teachings.” He further stated, “America is not a nation of a fictitious entity called God, and we will fight all weak-minded individuals who believe it is. We are tired of hearing the words God, Christians, and Believers, and mainstream media fully supports our efforts to remove these words from America. We have the resolve to be victorious in the war to remove God from America—forever! Just look around—we are winning and Christians are clueless. They remain silent and are doing nothing to stop us. This case is just the tip of a giant iceberg. We are taking this war to every corner of America, and we will not stop until God is completely removed.”

Things got a bit disorderly in the courtroom on several occasions today. The judge had to clear the room due to outbursts from NAG leaders cheering during the prosecutor’s attacks on Tatum. Some of the NAG supporters started shoving people who were in the courtroom supporting Tatum. The judge charged a dozen of the prosecutor’s supporters with contempt when they refused to heed his warnings to keep quiet. Officers had to place them in handcuffs and remove them from the courtroom. Two of those arrested were field reporters from other media outlets. I guess it’s an indication how biased the mainstream media has become. It appears journalism is now a platform used by many to voice their personal opinions and agendas rather than simply reporting the facts.

Gretchen, the judge even considered moving the trial to another location or completely closing the proceedings to the media. Fortunately, that will not likely happen. Both sides will present their closing arguments soon, but cameras won’t be allowed inside the courtroom. I’ll record those court sessions and share details with our viewers in several follow-up reports.

Folks, that’s the latest news we have for you at the moment. I’ll have more details on the NAG vs Christian Author trial throughout the week. #ATILBnews reports to keep you informed.

Tom Tatum – 2015

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Charleston Strong


I have never before experienced A Time In Life when I was more proud to be a South Carolinian and yet feel such overwhelming sadness also. The range of emotions created by the horrible event that took the lives of nine Christians last week in a Charleston, SC church covers the full spectrum.

I’m saddened because one man was so full of evil that he chose to go into a church and visit for an hour before killing nine people who had welcomed him to join them. It makes me want to ask the question, “Why would God allow this to happen in His house?” However, I know that is the wrong question. I also know the reasons for this tragedy may never be fully understood, but through my faith, I realize the event will serve a greater purpose.

I’m proud how the families of the victims have responded with such amazing grace as a testament of their true faith and belief in God. They have forgiven an accused murderer of their family members and have asked him to repent for his sins. They want him to find the Lord so he may have everlasting life through the grace of God. In their time of great sorrow, they have shined a bright light on South Carolina and our nation. The character and faith of these Christians should serve as beacon for all to follow.

I am proud how South Carolinians have joined together in peaceful events in Charleston and throughout our great state. The blue and white images have become icons across all social media platforms to show a united outpouring of love. This love has now spread around the world.

I pray for the victims to rest in peace in God’s house of many mansions, and for their families to find comfort and understanding as they continue to spread His word through their thoughts, words, and deeds. I pray that our nation will stand united by this tragedy and God continues to bless America. Amen.

Tom Tatum

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Five-Stars Isn’t Enough!

I am no different from most authors. I appreciate readers taking their valuable time to post their honest reviews about my books. This 5-star review on Amazon from author Denise Rezsonya touched my heart. I am feeling truly blessed by her kind comments.

Tiger Review By Denise1

If Tigers Were Angels – With God, All Things Are Possible

A review by Denise Rezsonya:

Five Stars Isn’t Enough!

I just finished reading this book and couldn’t get to my computer fast enough to write my review. I LOVED IT. If I could give this book more than 5 stars, I would. If you love inspirational Christian fiction, like I do, you MUST READ THIS book. I was hooked immediately on the first page and couldn’t put it down this weekend until I finished it. I love being moved and inspired, and this book achieves both. It provides us with hope in this world of darkness. It helps us understand ways that God tries to communicate with us and why we must encounter suffering. This story addresses how our plan may not be the one God has called us to, but how His plan is so much greater for us than we could ever have imagined. Throughout the book, the main character’s faith is tested and yet it is always strengthened. The author wrote this story with such conviction and integrity, I could truly feel God’s message oozing from every page deep into my soul. Get this book – I know you will love it!

Denise M. Rezsonya – Christian Author of

“Be The Light” (Volumes 1 and 2) – Christian-based reference books for today’s youth – available from Amazon.com

Denise’s website: www.denisemrezsonya.com

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