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We sometimes find ourselves looking in the same direction as those around us. We are like birds sitting on a wire just staring off into the distance and seeing nothing of value—no beauty, no opportunities—simply nothing. We go through life doing the same things over and over again. Each day is the same as the day before and the day before that. We are too busy plodding along in our deep-comfortable rut, unaware of the great big world around us; we lack the vision to see what could be.

Maybe we are too afraid to look beyond our mundane existence for fear of what we may find. The thought of trying something new, failing, or turning in a different direction from that of the crowd can be daunting. We are too comfortable with the status quo and do everything we can to resist change.

However, there comes A Time in Life when we tire of the same-old-same-old. We finally decide we’ve had enough and turn around to face in a different direction from that of the crowd—and wow! We suddenly realize there is a great-big-beautiful world right in front of us that has been going unnoticed. A world that is full of numerous opportunities waiting for us to explore.

Let today be the day you decide to turn around and face a new direction. Cast your fears aside and let your courage spark a burning desire within you to start doing things differently. All you have to do is be willing to try. What you envision; you can achieve!

Seize the moment—turn around and be blessed! The world is waiting to see the “new” you and what you can do!

Tom Tatum – Author – 2015

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