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This is Chip Shotmaster of GOLF TV reporting to you from the headquarters of the TUSGA, one of golf’s new governing associations. TUSGA President, Slice Hook, no relation to Captain Hook, just made an announcement about two significant changes to the rules of golf that will turn the golfing world upside down—literally. These changes are to go into effect immediately.

Both changes were unanimous decisions by the TUSGA board of directors after having received numerous complaints about the antiquated scoring method used to determine winners in golf.

The now defunct method created too much emotional stress for the players in today’s “participation trophy” society. These changes will create more opportunities for lesser skilled players to receive first-place trophies.

In addition to scoring changes, golf’s callous, politically incorrect term used to define player capabilities is unacceptable. The policy of ranking player’s abilities based on their average scores is cruel and demeaning. The concept known here to date as “handicap” is no longer applicable.

The two rules are as stated below:

Mr. Hook added, “The TUSGA board members noticed a substantial increase in the number of birdies, eagles, and albatrosses being shot by players around the world and felt it was their duty to protect all fowl. By making the highest score in golf the winner as is done in all other sports, we believe fewer players will have the desire to shoot these fine-feathered creatures of the sky. It’s a win-win situation for the fowl and the less talented players around the world. We will be putting pressure on the PGA, R&A, USGA, and LPGA organizations to implement similar changes to the rules of golf.”

Chip Shotmaster: “Mr. Hook, many people may not be aware of your organization. Can you tell our viewers what the acronym, TUSGA, means?

Slice Hook: “Sure Chip. TUSGA is the Total Unlimited Scoring Golf Association. It’s an organization devoted to bolstering the efforts of less talented golfers and protecting wildlife at the same time. These two recent changes will also lower the cost per stroke for all golfers and make the game more affordable for all who love the game.”

“Mr. Hook, won’t these changes also increase the time required to play eighteen holes of golf?”

Slice Hook: “That’s one of the wonderful side effects these changes will have on the game, Chip. They allow players to consume most of a day to play one round. We expect many players might start pushing to make golf a nine-hole event—at least that’s what the TUSGA is considering in the future.”

Chip Shotmaster: “Thank you, Mr. Hook. Folks, that’s the golfing news of today. The TSUGA is definitely turning the golfing world upside down. Now, back to the studio with Kitty Woods for more details on how these changes will impact the 2018 Masters.”

Kitty Woods: “Thank you for that report, Chip. Now, for more on the Masters…”

Tom Tatum – Author – 2018

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You may never know who they are, but somewhere in this great big world

there is someone who will be uplifted by the light that shines from within you.

Let your light shine brightly and be a blessing to someone who needs you.

Tom Tatum –Author 2017

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Tom Tatum – Author 2017

Amazon author page: http://www.amazon.com/author/tomtatum

Twitter: @TomTatumAuthor

LinkedIn: TomTatum1

Facebook page: Tom Tatum novels


Life is full of opportunities and how we choose to handle them makes the difference between wearing a smile or a frown.

Many of our opportunities present huge challenges and are difficult to carry to fruition. However, there may come a time in life when an opportunity is well within reach, but we choose not to explore the possibilities that exist beyond the surface. We may feel the reward is not worth the effort required or we may simply be too lazy.

This short tale about a pile of boulders in the middle of an old farmer’s field is a good example.



Year after year, an old farmer plowed around the boulders in the middle of his field. Each year, he talked about removing the huge boulders to increase his production. Unfortunately, all he did was talk and never took the time to remove them.

The young farmer who owned the adjacent farm offered to help him remove the boulders on many occasions, but the old farmer just kept plowing around the boulders—for fifty years.

The old farmer became too old to continue plowing the field and realized it was time for him to retire. Unfortunately, the only tangible asset he had was his boulder-laden field. Once again, he thought about removing the boulders, but decided it wouldn’t be worth the effort and chose not to remove them.

One day, the young farmer approached the old farmer and offered to buy the field. The offer was more than the old farmer thought the field was worth, so he sold it to the young farmer. He wished the young farmer well and was glad he no longer had to plow around the boulders.

The first thing the young farmer did was start removing the boulders from the field. One by one, the boulders were loaded onto a truck and hauled away until only one bolder remained—the largest one.

When the young farmer lifted the last boulder, he noticed there was a hole in the ground beneath it. The hole appeared to be the entrance to a large cavern. With flashlight in hand, the young farmer crawled through the opening and began exploring the cavern.

Near the rear wall of the cavern, he discovered a large-locked chest. It was too heavy to lift by hand, so the young farmer used his tractor to pull the chest out into the field.

When he removed the lock and opened the chest, he couldn’t believe his eyes. The chest contained numerous gold relics—vases, necklaces, urns, and medallions. On top of the gold was a note that read:

Life is full of opportunities and those who are willing to remove the boulders from their field of dreams are likely to reap the greatest rewards. Bill Smith – 1792

As the young farmer celebrated his newly found fortune, he paused and thought about the many times he offered to help the old farmer remove the boulders from the field—he smiled.


There are many morals presented in this story. I’ve listed a few of them below. Can you add some others to the list? Please take a moment to share your thoughts.

Morals of the Story

One man’s loss is often another man’s gain.

An opportunity that appears to have no value on the surface may be the best one you have.

Just talking about doing something doesn’t get it done.

Being old does not mean you are a wise person.

There may be more to reap than what we sow.

Have a great day, and remember, remove the boulders from your field of dreams. The results may surprise you.

Tom Tatum – Author – 2016

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Thanks to Tom Foster at HUGEFloods.com for giving me permission to use his photo.



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